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Passport Office



Before scheduling a passport appointment through the PRENOT@MI portal, please verify that you are registered at the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles.

Italian citizens residing for at least 6 months per year in this Consular jurisdiction must EITHER already be registered at this Consulate in Los Angeles OR have submitted an A.I.R.E. registration request to this Consulate through the FAST IT portal. This also applies to citizens currently registered in AIRE who were previously registered at another Consulate and satisfy the residency requirement. AIRE registration is a legal obligation of all Italian citizens (art. 6 of law 470/1988) and is required for passport issuance abroad.

For more information solely with regards to AIRE registration, please send an email to

For those who are only temporarily in this consular jurisdiction we kindly request to email the Passport Office at explaining your needs, before booking an appointment.


It is now possible to acquire all biometric information (photo, digital signature and fingerprints) directly at the following honorary consulates (only for applicants registered AIRE with our consulate):

    San Diego County residents can visit this website for more info and to schedule an appointment
    Nevada residents can send an email for more info and to schedule their appointment:
    Arizona residents can visit to book their appointment online.
    New Mexico residents can send an email for more info and to schedule an appointment:

The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles issues passports for Italian citizens in our consular jurisdiction (Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada) to those registered with our AIRE Department.

Passport applications can ONLY be submitted in person and BY APPOINTMENT booked through our FREE Prenot@mi booking system.

If you have already scheduled an appointment but your plans have changed and you cannot make it any longer, please cancel it.

Due to high demand, wait time for a passport appointment is 10/12 weeks.

Please note that no appointment is needed for minors younger than 12 years old. Applications for their passport can be send by mail.

Passport fees can only be paid with money order or cashier’s check made out to Consulate General of Italy and in some exceptional case with cash. We do not accept credit/debit cards or personal checks.

Consular fees

For general information please consult the following link of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (text only in Italian).

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