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Registry of Italians residing abroad (AIRE)

AIRE Office
Address:12424 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1400
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Please remember that AIRE registration is requested by Italian law and is a fundamental requirement to access to the services of this Consulate General.  Law no. 213 (art.1, paragraph 242) of December 30th, 2023 ( introduced a fine of up to EUR 1,000.00 for each year of failure to register to AIRE, for a maximum of 5 years of fine, for all Italian citizens residing abroad.

  1. F.A.Q. Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions about AIRE (What is it, who needs to register, etc.)
  2. How to REGISTER in AIRE / How to UPDATE an address within this Consular District – It is now possible to submit your AIRE registration/update request ONLINE through the Fast It online portal. Please note: this service is currently available in Italian only.


– After you create Fast It account you must submit a SEPARATE AIRE registration/update through the system.
– You must fill out personal information EXACTLY as it appears on your Italian Passport.
– If you do not have an Italian passport, fill out information EXACTLY as it appears on your original birth certificate.
– Middle names should be included in the first name field “NOME”
– Dates of birth must be in European format: DAY / MONTH / YEAR
– Adult children (+18) residing in our Consular district, who’s birth certificate has been registered in Italy or possess an Italian passport must submit an individual application in order to register with A.I.R.E. or update their address

  1. Required documentation: See point A below
  2. Instructions: See point B below





You must upload a total of THREE FILES that must contain the following DOCUMENTS for EACH ITALIAN CITZEN OF YOUR FAMILY UNIT, and they must be uploaded to the Fast It online portal.

Upload requirements:

– PDF format
– Maximum resolution of 200dpi
– Maximum file size of 1MB per file.
1. FILE 1 – Signed AIRE registration/update form
2. FILE 2 – include the following items A and B in this one file:

  1. Italian ID – accepted forms:
    – Italian passport, OR
    – Carta d’identità italiana, OR
    – Copy of the citizenship confirmation received from the Italian Authority (Consulate or Italian Comune) that granted Italian citizenship
  2. Valid proof of legal stay in the United States of America – accepted documents:
    – USA Visa, OR
    – USA Work Authorization Card, OR
    – Permanent Resident Card** issued or renewed AFTER August 16th, 1992,
    **If the Permanent Resident Card was recently renewed, a scanned copy of the renewal payment receipt issued by the US Immigration is sufficient. You can apply for the renewal online (

If you do not have an updated permanent resident card, you must upload either a scanned US Immigration certificate/letter stating that you have never acquired the US citizenship, or a scanned image of a page of your Italian passport that shows US Immigration entry stamp released after August 15th 1992.

 ***If you don’t have any valid proof of legal stay in United State of America, please contact the AIRE department.


  1. Citizens of the United States of America:- If born in the USA: upload the main page of your USA passport
    – If born ABROAD to a parent who was a USA citizen: upload a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (this must be acquired through the USA Department of State. Click here for more information)
    –  If you acquired USA citizenship AFTER birth: upload your Certificate of USA Naturalization
  2. Citizens of OTHER COUNTRIES:
    – If you were born with the citizenship of that country – upload main page of the passport of that country
    – If you acquired the citizenship AFTER your birth – you must upload a declaration issued by the Authorities of the foreign country that states the EXACT DATE in which the foreign citizenship was acquired3. FILE 3 – PROOF OF RESIDENCE in this Consular district that shows the same address that is on the AIRE registration form. Please note: if multiple family members reside at the same address, ONE proof of residence of the head of household is sufficient
    – Driver license, OR
    – Utility Bill (electricity, gas, phone, internet, bank or TV), OR
    – Copy of rental contract (only the page showing applicant’s name and address)

* This pertains to citizens already registered through the Consulate in Los Angeles whose new address is still in this Consular District

IMPORTANT: You must follow ALL STEPS BELOW to correctly submit your registration/update request.

  1. CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT / LOGIN – this MUST be done using either Google Chrome: visit and click “REGISTRAZIONE” / Login with your email and password
  • IF YOU ARE TRANSFERRING FROM/TO ANOTHER CONSULATE: Do NOT cancel your Fast-It account linked to the previous Consulate. To update the change of address in another country / consular district, you must proceed by correctly entering all the fields required by the system. The new Consular office will change automatically and the old one will be informed of your change of address (See point 2 below)
  • TO VERIFY IF YOUR NAME IS ALREADY PRESENT IN THIS CONSULAR REGISTRY – click on “VISUALIZZARE LA PROPRIA SCHEDA ANAGRAFICA” and follow the instructions- IF YOUR NAME IS ALREADY PRESENT IN THE REGISTRY OF THE CONSULATE IN LOS ANGELES – follow the instructions to update your address if it is out of date (see point 2 below).
    – IF YOUR NAME IS NOT IN THE REGISTRY – follow the instructions for new registrations (see point 1 below).
    1. CLICK ON “ANAGRAFE CONSOLARE e AIRE” at the top of the page
    – FILL OUT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS to complete the online request form.

VERY IMPORTANT: make sure to fill out personal information EXACTLY as it appears on your Italian Passport.
– If you do not have an Italian passport, fill out information EXACTLY as it appears on your original birth certificate
– Middle names should be included in the first name field “NOME”
– Dates of birth MUST be in European format: DAY / MONTH / YEAR

3. PRINT OUT AND SIGN the completed request form
4. UPLOAD THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION LISTED ABOVE to the Fast It online portal for each person for whom you are requesting AIRE registration and send it. You can upload a minimum of 3 multi page PDF files and a maximum of 9 multipage PDF files in the following format:
– Max resolution of 200 dpi
– Max size for each file cannot be over 1 MB each
WAIT UNTIL REGISTRATION STATUS SHOWS “TRASMESSA AL COMUNE”: sending the AIRE registration request by the Consulate to the competent Municipality will change the status of the AIRE application to “Trasmessa al Comune”. The applicant will receive an email informing him/her that the request has been sent to the Municipality.