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Carta d’Identità Elettronica (C.I.E.) Italian Electronic ID Cards

Experimentation is underway for the issue of the Electronic identity card for Italian citizens residing in our consular district. The new Electronic Identity Card is a multifunctional document: it certifies the citizen’s identity, it is a travel document within the EU, it contains the tax code and can be used to request an identity on the SPID system (Public Security System) with which one can access the Services provided by Italian Public Administrations.

ATTENTION: the Electronic Identity Card is not issued on sight, but is sent by post to the applicant’s home.
The CIE may be issued exclusively to Italian citizens regularly residing in the consular district of this Chancellery, who are registered in the consular register, whose personal data are already present in the A.I.R.E database (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad) and who are in possession of of tax code



For the purposes of issuing the CIE it is essential that the applicant:
• is registered with AIRE;
• has the birth certificate transcribed in Italy, as the details of the transcription must be reported on the CIE;
• has a tax code. Anyone who does not have a tax code is invited to follow the instructions at this address to request it:
• has updated his/her position in the consular files in the event of a change of address, change in marital status or birth of children. In this case you will have to contact the competent services (AIRE or civil status) before requesting an appointment for the identity card.



  • A passport photo;
  • Completed and signed application form.  The form for minors must be signed by both parents
  • Previous identity card (only if applicable)
  • Italian identification document or two witnesses;
  • Act of consent from both parents in the event that the identity card is to be issued to a minor;
  • Consular fees, to be paid with money order or cashier’s check made out to Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles – For the amount, consult the Consular Tariff updated quarterly.


To request the issuance of an electronic identity card it is necessary to book an appointment using the Prenot@mi platform.

Please enter the DATA RELATING TO THE HOLDER of the requested document, if different from the user registered at the time of booking the appointment.

For married women: enter your maiden name and in any case as per your birth certificate. The marital status of the holder is not indicated on the electronic identity card and, for married women, the spouse’s surname cannot be indicated.

The presence of the applicant and/or the holder of the requested card is mandatory for those 12 years and older.


The CIE is not issued on the day of the appointment: it will be sent from Italy by the State Printing and Mint Institute, directly to the address indicated by the applicant
In case of non-delivery due to incorrect address or exhaustion of the storage period at the post office, the package is returned to the relevant consular office for further delivery attempts.
To contact the identity card office, you are invited to write an email to

  1. What is an Electronic ID card?

An ID card is an identification document used to verify a person’s identity and to travel to EU Member States, some Schengen States (i.e. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and other States with which bilateral agreements have been reached (please visit each country tab on

  1. Who can apply for an Electronic ID card?

The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles can issue an Electronic ID card (CIE) only to Italian nationals legally residing in our consular district and registered in AIRE. (Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero – Register of Italians residing abroad).

If you have changed your residence address, you need to update it through the FAST IT portal before booking your appointment.

  1. When can I apply for a CIE?

The CIE is issued:

    • to those who wish to replace their paper ID card;
    • to those do not have another valid ID card;
    • to those whose previous ID card has been lost, stolen or is deteriorated.
  1. How do you apply for a Electronic ID card (CIE)?

The application for an Electronic ID card must be submitted through the Prenot@MI online platform. The Prenot@mi portal can be accessed from a PC/laptop using one of the following browsers Edge and Chrome.

PLEASE NOTE: Should preliminary checks reveal evidence preventing the processing of the CIE application, the applicant will be informed of the reasons for rejection and will need to make a new application.

  1. Can I book an appointment for my minor children?

Yes. While booking your appointment you will need to complete the form for each person who needs a new CIE (applicant).

  1. What documents must I submit at the appointment to apply for my CIE?

Normally the applicant must come to the appointment with the following:

– Recent passport-size photograph;

– Previous ID card. If it is missing, an identification document (even if it has expired);

– Lost/stolen ID card form (if applicable);

– Both parents’ consent if the applicant is under 18 (see item # 10);

– Money order or cashier’s check made out to “Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles” for the payment of the consular fees for this service (See Consular fees table). Please note that person checks and credit cards ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

  1. What will happen at the appointment?

At the appointment, the consular officer will collect the documents listed in Item # 6, carry out the identification of the applicant, and acquire their photograph and fingerprints (except for applicants under 12).

  1. How do I receive my Electronic ID card?

The CIE is issued by the Italian Ministry of the Interior and printed by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (Italian State Polygraphic Institute and Mint), which sends it by registered mail to the applicant’s residence address. The applicant will be able to track the delivery online through the tracking code provided.

  1. How long is the ID card valid for?

The validity of the ID card varies according to the age of the holder, more specifically:

– 3 years for minors aged from 0 to 3 years;

– 5 years for minors aged from 4 to 17 years;

– 10 years for adults (aged 18 and above).

  1. What is the consent?

If the ID application is for a minor, the consent form must be completed and signed by both parents.

The consent is necessary even if the parents are not married, are separated or divorced.

If the other parent of the minor children is an EU national, they will not need to come to the Consulate. Instead, they may give their consent by completing and signing the consent form and by attaching a photocopy of their own ID document, so that the consular officer may verify their signature.

If the parent giving consent is a non-EU national the consent form must be signed in one of the following ways:

– At this Consulate General on the day of the appointment. The parent must come with a valid identity document;

– at one of the Honorary Consulates of our consular network. (Contact details here);

– At any US public notary public. The declaration certified by the notary must then be completed by an Apostille issued by the competent Office of the Secretary of State;

– Before a public official in Italy;

– If one of the parents is deceased, a copy of their death certificate must be submitted.

– If the other parent’s consent cannot be obtained, the passport applicant may initiate the procedure for the issue of a Consular decree.

  1. Do I have to apply for a new ID card if I change address?

No. The ID card is an identification document, not a residence document.

  1. Can married women have their married name added?

No. The ID card is an identification document, not a marital status document.

  1. May I apply for ID card in my Municipality in Italy even if I am resident abroad?

Please contact your Italian town hall to check if possible.