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Passport Department

The Passport Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles receives by appointment only. 

To request an appointment CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR DO NOT FIND AN APPOINTMENT, due to the high demand of requests, we suggest that you patiently CHECK DAILY our appointment system for cancellations. Appointments become available from 3:00 pm (local time)

  • Any service provided by this Consulate General may be accessed and/or requested directly by the Italian national. This Consulate General has not granted any exclusive authorizations to submit and/or complete paperwork on behalf of an applicant to any intermediaries.  
  • The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles issues poassports for Italian citizens in our consular jurisdication (Southern Califronia, New Mexico, Arionza and Nevada) to those registered with our AIRE Departament (For the AIRE Department click here)
  • For issuing passports for Italian nationals that are not residents in our jurisdiction and/or are not registered with our AIRE Department we can issue the passport only after receiving due authorization from the Questura in Italy or the other Consulate where you are registered.



a) The applications for the issuance of a new passport, for individuals 12 years of age and older, must be presented in person to the Office of the Consulate General in Los Angeles upon scheduling an appointment with the procedure described above (for exception to this rule see below under letter b)

[1] Old passport, expired or about to expire, if any.

[2Issuance form for adults or Issuance form for minors duly filled out and signed;

[3] 2 passport size photos 4 cm x 4 cm on white background taken not later than six months before (only photos of very good quality - homemade and/or digital photos are not accepted); click here for specifications.

[4] Alien Registration Card (original + 1 copy) or long term valid visa; 
In case of an American citizen:
* U.S. Passport (if US citizen by birth)
* Naturalization certificate (if US citizen by naturalization).

[5] Consent form of the other parent when the applicant has minor children:
Please note that Italian Law requires that the other parent sign a consent form for the issuance of a new passport when the applicant has minor children (<18 yrs old). This requirement is mandatory for both an adult applicant as well as a minor child. Parents must present proof of identity and photocopies of the children’s birth certificate with the name of both parents. Parents/Spouses not E.U. citizens (i.e. husband or wife who are American citizens only) must sign the form in front of a Consular Officer or an Honorary Consular Officer.
The signature can also be notarized through a Notary Public. 

[6] Money Order or Cashier's Check (to the Consulate General of Italy) for the exact amount is required Please refer to the Consular fees on the right hand side of this page labeled "RILASCIO ART. 27 (A + B)"Cash payment will be accepted only with authorization, for exceptional reasons due to the impossibility of acquiring the requested payment options.
The fee requested will be the fee of the day of issuance of passport. Therefore in case of change of the consular fees (every 3 months) the Consulate will ask for the difference in case of increase (compared to the amount paid at moment of the request) or it will be reimbursed in case of decrease. Please note - you may expedite the passport process by adding the "urgency fee" which can be found in the above mentioned link "Consular fees" under Art. n. 77.

[7] If applicant wishes that the passport be returned by mail, as opposed to personally picking it up, this office requires, for security reasons, that Applicant enclose a PRE-PAID FEDEX USA AIRBILL ENVELOPE ONLY (price varies according to distance). (ONLY FOR APPLICANTS THAT STILL REQUIRE THE “NULLA OSTA”)
NOTE: Mailing label sections "TO" and "FROM" must BOTH contain applicant's Name and Address, NOT the Consulate's. It’s necessary to sign the Consent to the mailing form of the passport;

b) Applications for individuals under 12 years of age, who are exempt from fingerprinting, residing in the San Diego area and in the States of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico must submit their applications in person at the Vice Consulates and Consular Agencies existing in their areas providing the same documents listed above.

The services of the Vice Consulates and Consular Agencies are free of charge. The only payment due is that of the booklet+issuance tax (according to the Consular Fees effective at the moment of the application) and, if needed, for the postal costs in case the envelopes to and from the Consulate are not directely provided by the applicant. 

ISSUANCE OF A TRAVEL DOCUMENT (for stolen o lost passports)
If you are in an emergency situation (i.e. you are a tourist that should leave immediately and your passport has been stolen or you have lost it) and there is no time to wait for a "nulla-osta" (Authorization) from the questura or other consulate to issue a new passport, the Consulate General can issue a Emergency Travel Document (ETD) valid only to go back to Italy or to the Country of permanent residence. In this case the following documents must be presented, in person, at the Consulate:

[1Issuance form for adults duly filled and signed;

[2] Valid ID with photo;

[3] 2 passport size photos on white background taken not later than six months before (only photos of very good quality are accepted);

[4Loss or Theft Declaration (can be filled directely in the Office) and a Report from the local police that your Italian passport was lost or was stolen;

[5] Confirmed Air ticket or E-Ticket 

[6] $ 2 for consular fees.

Restitution of Italian passports found in the Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles and delivered to the passport office

Italian Passports. New rules for minors under 18 years of age
As of November 25, 2009, it is MANDATORY for children under 18 years of age to have their own individual passports as they may no longer be listed on their parents’ passport.

The passports with children listed on them issued before the new law took effect will remain valid until the passport’s natural expiration date for the parent only.

The temporary validity will depend on the child’s age: 3 years for children from zero to three years of age; 5 years for children from three to eighteen years old.
Please note that children under the age of 14 may use their passports only if they travel with one of the parents or if is noted on the passport or on a declaration signed by the parents the name of the person or entity whom the minors are entrusted for the trip. Said declaration must be legalized by an Italian Authority authorized to issue passports (i.e. a Consulate abroad or Police Department in Italy). 
To obtain a passport for a minor child, it is necessary to appear before the Passport Office with the following documents:
• Application form available from the Passport Office (or downloadable from our website) signed by both parents; or by one of them and a signed consent by the other parent accompanied by his/her picture i.d.
• Two passport-size pictures (identical, facing forward and in color)
• Birth certificate, translated into Italian and bearing the corresponding apostille, in case the minor child was born abroad. 

The listing of minors on one of the parents passport is no longer valid. Since June 26th, 2012 minors can only travel with their own individual passport. The passports issued before November 25th, 2009 with the listing of minor children remain valid only for the passport holder.

Those individuals who think may be entitled to Italian citizenship must contact the citizenship department of this consulate general before applying for an Italian passport

The new type of biometric passport, which this Consulate General has started issuing since March 2010, includes, in addition to the picture, the holder’s fingerprints. These electronic passports will be valid for ten years.

The fingerprinting can only be done at our main Office in Los Angeles; in fact this service cannot be rendered by Honorary Vice Consulates or Consular Correspondents. Therefore fellow citizens, 12 years of age and older, requesting a passport will have to come in person to Consulate General to provide their fingerprints.

To reduce inconveniences and waiting periods, the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles provides an online appointment scheduling system that can be accessed through the web page indicated below. The appointments system has greatly contributed to the elimination of queues and waiting periods, thus obtaining remarkable approvals.

Starting from the month of June 2012 for those citizens already registered with this consulate general, the approval of the Italian police authorities is no longer needed, therefore the new passport is normally issued the same day of the appointment.

Obtaining the approval is instead still mandatory for those citizens who reside under another consular jurisdiction or in Italy, therefore it is advisable to schedule an appointment way in advance of the time of the foreseen time of travel.

In case of emergencies or particular cases, we advise that you contact our office or the honorary vice consulate, depending on which is closer to you, before scheduling an appointment for the issuance of your passport.

For general information please consult the following link of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (text only in Italian)