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Legalizations of Translations

Our Consulate does not translate documents directly but legalizes translations already made.

It is not necessary that the translation is done by an official translator, as long it is done in a professional manner this Office can legalize it.

Please contact our Notary office at

To request the legalization of the translation of a document, you need to send the following documents to this Consulate at (12424 Wilshire Blvd. suite 1400; Los Angeles, CA 90025 to the attention of the “Notary department” or “Vital Records Department”:

  • Brief cover letter specifying the service requested;
  • Original document (in case of a Vital Record certificate the Apostille is also necessary) and its translation;
  • Money order or cashier’s check made out to “Consulate General of Italy-Los Angeles” for the amount corresponding to Art. 72/A of the Consular Fees list for a sheet of translation from English to Italian and the amount corresponding to Art. 72/C of the Consular Fees list for a sheet of translation from Italian to English (for these purposes, a sheet is made of two faces);
  • Pre-paid, self-labeled envelope with the preferred shipping service for the return of the legalized document to you (i.e. Express or Priority Mail, FEDEX, DHL, etc we do not accept UPS).