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US citizens wishing to marry in Italy

In general the documents needed for US citizens to marry in Italy, are the following:

  • US Passport
  • An “Atto notorio” (affidavit) sworn by applicant and four witnesses, who must be over 18 and unrelated to either the bride or the groom, stating that according to the laws to which the citizen is subject to in the United States, he/she is not prohibited from marrying and he/she is not in any of the conditions that according to the Italian Civil Code forbid marriage. This affidavit is sworn in the U.S. at our Consulate.
  • A sworn declaration before a US Consulate in Italy stating that there is no obstacle to the marriage according to the laws of the United States;
  • If applicable evidence of termination of any previous marriage (divorce decree, death certificate of previous spouse, etc.) translated into Italian and completed with the Apostille issued by the Office of the Secretary of State where the document originated from. It is enough to translate only the relevant pages of it in case the document is very long.
  • Some cities require also copy of the birth certificate also translated into Italian and completed with the Apostille, but unless the City where you will get married ask specifically for it there is no need to provide it.
  • To apply for the Atto Notorio, please fill the application form and send it at the email address together with photocopies of bride and groom US passports, photo ID (driver’s license are enough) of the four witnesses, where applicable copies of evidence of termination of previous marriages and copies of birth certificates of bride and groom.