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Civilian Personnel Working on U.S. / NATO Bases


Civilian Personnel Working on U.S. / NATO Bases

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(Type of visa: mission)

This Consulate General will accept visa applications from legal residents of ARIZONA, NEW MEXICO, NEVADA and of the following counties in the state of CALIFORNIA: S. Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial Valley, Orange.

Civilian personnel (employees of the U.S. government) assigned to a U.S./NATO Military Base in Italy must contact the U.S. Department of State which in turn will submit the visa request to the Italian Embassy in Washington DC.

Civilian contractors/technicians working at a U.S./NATO Military Base in Italy must present the following documentation:

1. United States passport with a validity that exceeds the intended stay in Italy by at least three months. The passport must have a blank page to affix the visa.

2. One visa application form, completely and clearly filled out.

3. One recent passport size, 2 X2, photograph (black/white or color).

4. Letters from the United States Sending States Office for Italy (USSSO) at the United States Embassy in Rome.

5. Letter from the US Department of Army, Department of Navy, etc. regarding your employment.

6. Copy of the contract between the U.S. government and the contracting company .

7. Visa handling fee (look at the reference list on the right hand side of the page).PAYMENT METHOD: Money Order or Cashier's Check (to the Consulate General of Italy) for the exact amount is required. Please refer to the Handling Fees for the exact amount - Cash payment will be accepted only with previous authorization, for exceptional reasons due to the impossibility of acquiring the requested payment methods.

8. Flight itinerary.

Provide a self-addressed (from you to you) prepaid envelope (FedEx, Express Mail), if you wish to have your passport mailed back to you. Please fill out the authorization formIF THE RETURN LABEL IS NOT COMPLETED PROPERLY (FOR EXAMPLE IF THE CONSULATE APPEARS AS THE SENDER) IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

This office may request additional documents that it deems necessary for the acceptance of the visa request.

The granting of the visa is contingent upon the authorization from the competent Italian Authorities. Therefore, it is advisable to submit a visa request at least twenty-one days (not more than ninety days) prior the departure date.

Within 8 days upon arrival in Italy, you must register with the local Police Department (Questura) to obtain the ‘Declaration of Stay’ (Permesso di Soggiorno).

The applicant must keep a copy of all documents that have been submitted with the visa application.