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Notary Acts

With a power of attorney, an individual (principal) gives to another (attorney in fact) the power to act on his/her behalf for the fulfillment of generic or specific business and/or juridical matters.

Power of attorneys can be general or special.


  • General Power of Attorney

With this document the principal, entrust to the attorney in fact the management of all his/her affairs, both present and future. The general power of attorney it is usually issued for an unlimited time and remains in force until it is repealed.


  • Special Power of Attorney

With this document the principal, entrust to the attorney in fact the management of a specific affair. The special power of attorney remains in force only until the specific affair for which has been granted is concluded.



In order to execute a power of attorney of any kind, the principal must appear in person at this Consulate General by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment and information on the documentation to present, please send an e-mail to the Legal Department at:  clearly indicating the type of the power of attorney requested.


A power of attorney may be repealed at any moment, unless it was expressly specified that it was granted irrevocably. To sign a repeal of a power of attorney, the interested party must appear in person, after scheduling an appointment in the way described above, attaching in the request email, the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of the power of attorney to be repealed or at least of the pertinent information (i.e.: the Issuing Authority, the date of issuance, the number of the deed and the personal information of the attorney in fact).
  • Photocopy of a Photo ID (preferably the Italian passport).

The principal must personally see to the service of it to the attorney in fact that has been revoked with any shipping mean that insures the receipt. The Consulate can send the repealing deed to the Notary that has drawn the original deed, if the interested party can furnish the PEC (Certified electronic mail) address of the notary. Lack of these formalities will render the repealing not enforceable against third parties in case of legal controversies.



To request a certified copy of a legal deed executed by this Consulate General, please send an email to

giving all the identifying information (what kind of deed, issuance date and number). The head of the department will answer with all the pertaining info on how to finalize the procedure.


The issuance of notarial deeds is subject only to the payment of the Consular fees current at the time of the signing.