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Registering Birth Abroad

Please note that it is not necessary to make an appointment for birth/marriage/divorce/death registration, simply send all the required documentation via FedEx or USPS to the attention of the Vital Records department at 12424 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1400; Los Angeles, CA 90025

To Register a Birth Certificate in Italy please provide the following: 

1) Application form to register in Italy individuals born abroad duly filled out (available here);

2) Certified Long Form of Certificate of Birth translated into Italian (County recorder/ County Clerk);

3) “APOSTILLE” for the Birth Certificate only issued by the “Secretary of State” (click here for Secretaries of State within the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles) in which the birth took place – there is no need to translate the Apostille

4a) Italian parent(s) that are residing in Italy and submitting an application by mail they must include their Citizenship Certificate and Residence Certificate issued by the Italian Comune;

4b) If the application is submitted by the beneficiary already “eighteen or older” it is necessary to submit proof of citizenship or entitlement to it. For further information in this regard, please email:

5) Copy of the parent’s passport and a copy of the foreign parent’s birth certificate (translation, if in English, not required).

NOTE: Original documents are required (except for ID’s) and will not be returned, please keep copies for your records



  • Registration of Birth Certificates: it is only possible to register the birth certificate abroad if ALL PREVIOUS VITAL RECORDS OF ITALIAN PARENT(S) – previous marriages and divorces – have already been submitted for registration in Italy.
  • Registration of birth Certificate of child born out of Wedlock: If you were NOT MARRIED at the time your child was born, you also need to submit an “acknowledgement/declaration of paternity”, to be requested at the same office where the certificate of birth was issued or by the Department of Child Support Service. The certificate must also be notarized with the Apostille and translated by the applicant or by an official translator.
  • Before delivering or mailing the documentation please verify all information appearing on the birth certificate (names, dates and city of birth) are correct. In case of any errors, you will need to request an amendment from the office that issued the document.