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Italian Elective Residence Visa


Italian Elective Residence Visa


Visa Department

To make an appointment please register and book your appointment on our online portal PRENOT@MI

You must apply for the visa at least three weeks (and not more than ninety days) prior to the departure date.
Visa applicants must make an appointment and must appear in person to submit their visa request.
As of May 15, 2014, fingerprinting is requiredfor persons applying for a Schengen Visa (up to 90 days). Children under the age of 12 are exempt from this requirement. Data will be recorded in the VIS central database, in accordance with the highest data protection standards, for a maximum of 5 (five) years and, during this period, they will be copied from the VIS database for subsequent visa applications.
You must submit ALL the required documents. Incomplete visa applications will not be accepted and will be returned without processing. The application form must be completely filled out and legible.


The Italian Elective Residence Visa is for foreigners – retired persons, persons with high self-sustaining incomes and financial assets - who have chosen Italy as the country of permanent residence and who are able to support themselves autonomously, without having to rely on employment while in Italy, whether as dependent employees, as self-employed employees or employees working remotely online. You cannot finance your residence in Italy through any type of work.
This Consulate General will accept visa applications from legal residents of ARIZONA, NEW MEXICO, NEVADA and of the following counties in the state of CALIFORNIA: S. Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial Valley, Orange.

Visa applicants must appear in person and submit the following documents (1 original and 1 copy):

1) United States passport, or passport and Alien Registration Card. Passport must be valid for at least 3 (three) months beyond the validity date of the requested visa and must have two consecutive blank pages available for the visa.

2) Original and a photocopy of your valid Driver's License or State ID issued by California, Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico (Driver's License or State ID issued by other States are not accepted); if you moved and have not updated your Driver's License or State ID from California, Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico, you must submit a current (same, if available, or previous month of your appointment) bill of water, gas or electricity (other types of bill are not accepted). We may requested additional documents as proof of residence.

3) One National (Italian) Visa Application Form, completely and clearly filled out and to be signed in the
presence of a Consular Officer.

4) Two recent passport size photographs (2 x 2 inches in size, full face, front view, in color).

5) A letter from the applicant where he/she specifies the reason for his/her stay in Italy, length of stay, place of residence in Italy, name of persons accompanying the applicant such as spouse and children. 

6) Documented and detailed guarantee of substantial and steady economic resources.

- Each applicant must have a monthly income of minimum $3,375.58 (Euro 2,596.60 at an exchange rate of 1.30).

- This monthly income must be guaranteed for the months of the visa the applicant wish to apply for. This monthly income has to be generated by steady and secure sources, such as Social Security, State Pension, private company pension. A letter (not a monthly statement) issued by the Social Security Administration or State must be provided. As an example, the letter from the Social Security Administration can be downloaded from the Social Security Administration website. Monthly or annual statements are not acceptable.

- Another example of income is monthly payments generated by house/apartment rentals. An unexpired and signed (by the landlord and the tenant) lease agreement must be provided. The lease agreement must be in force for the months the applicant wish to apply for in regards to the visa. This type of income must be proven consistent and lasting through bank statements showing the monthly transaction for an extended period of time before the application for the visa. This type of income has to be a small part of the minimum required monthly income of $3,375.58 (Euro 2,596.60 at an exchange rate of 1.30) .

- The following are examples of other sources of income that support the application and are NOT considered for the monthly minimum required income of $3,375.58 (Euro 2,596.60 at an exchange rate of 1.30):

a) nonetheless, the visa applicant must show solid bank accounts. Letters (not bank statements), recently dated and signed by the representative of the banking institutions stating type of account (checking, savings, etc.) and the current type (cash, stocks, bonds, etc.) and amount of available funds must be provided. This is a mandatory requirement.

b) 401K statements of – at least - the last 3 months prior to the visa application

c) brokerage account statements of – at least - the last 3 months prior to the visa application

d) retirement account (e.g. Traditional and ROTH IRA) statements of – at least - the last 3 months prior to the visa application

e) documents of business ownership and related documentation (e.g. business registration, tax returns of the last 2 years, profits, etc.). The business must generate revenues.

7) Documentation regarding dwelling in the city where you will reside: a signed rental agreement according to Italian rental regulations OR deed of ownership of a livable apartment or house in Italy and proof of registration with the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (the Italian Tax Agency). Multiple bookings for houses/hotels and third party offer of hospitality cannot be accepted for this type of visa.

8) Certified copy of marriage certificate and birth certificate of children, if it applies.

9) PAYMENT METHOD: Money Order or Cashier's Check (payable to the Consulate General of Italy – Los Angeles) for the exact required amount. Please refer to the Handling fees for the exact amount. 

10) Provide a self-addressed (from yourself – to yourself) pre-paid envelope (USPS/ FedEx/ UPS / Express Mail), if you wish to have your passport mailed back to you. This authorization form must be filled out.

The processing time for this visa may be up to 90 (ninety days). Therefore it is advisable to submit a visa request ninety days prior the expected departure date. Rush processing is not possible.

The foreigner holding an “Italian Elective Residence” visa is not allowed to work or seek employment under any conditions.

This Consulate General will evaluate the documents submitted and may request additional ones at its discretion.

Furthermore, you should also be aware that submitting all required documentation does not automatically guarantee the issuance of a visa.

Please note that:
• Within 8 days upon arrival in Italy, you must register with the local Police Department (Questura) to obtain the “Declaration of Stay” (Permesso di Soggiorno), which is the only legal document that legitimizes your stay in the country.
• You must keep a copy of all documents that have been submitted with the visa application.Visa Department

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