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Supplementary Information Citizenship


Supplementary Information Citizenship
  • Italian citizenship is currently regulated by Law no. 91/1992 (and regulations for its implementation: specifically DPR no. 572 of 12 October 1993 and DPR no. 362 of 18 April 1994), reaffirms the importance of individual intention in the acquisition or loss of citizenship and recognizes the right to hold more than one citizenship simultaneously.

  • Generally speaking, the law allows persons to hold another citizenship in addition to their Italian one.

  • If you became a foreign national before August 16, 1992, you automatically lost your Italian citizenship but you can reacquire it under certain circumstances.

  • Italian citizens, who acquired another citizenship after the date of August 16th 1992, have retained their Italian citizenship.

  • Ancestors born in Italy who were naturalized U.S. citizens, before June 14, 1912 lost their Italian citizenship, and so did their minor children (21 years at the time), including those born in the U.S. Ascendants cannot transmit citizenship, even if their children were born prior to their naturalization.

  • Italian women were not granted the right to transmit their citizenship to their children until 1948. Therefore, applicants who were born prior to January 1st, 1948, can claim Italian citizenship only from their paternal line.