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Ufficio Passaporti



Ufficio Passaporti

I am an adult with Italian citizenship, how can I get the passport?

To be able to obtain a new Italian passport, adult applicants will need to be Italian Citizens, to be enrolled into our AIRE (registry for Italian citizens living abroad), reside in our consular jurisdiction of South California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, and have booked an appointment online through our Prenot@mi online booking system. For the list of documents to bring please refer to the section Passport and Services -> Passports.


How long before the expiration of my passport may I request a new passport to be issued?

There is no specific timeframe delegated by law for passport renewals. However due to the numerous requests this Consulate General receives, we suggest that you renew your passport 6 months before the expiration date, unless your current passport is damaged or there are no remaining pages available for foreign entry stamps.


What is the “Consent of the other parent”? Why do I need the consent of the other parent?

Parents of minor children must give their consent, regardless of their nationality. The consent is a written declaration whereby the parent of a minor (under 18) authorizes the other parent to have their own passport whatever their relation (cohabitation, marriage, separation, divorce). It is necessary also when the children already have their own passport.

Pursuant to art. 3 of Law 1185/1967 (as amended by art. 24 of Law no. 3/2003), in the passport/ID card application form Italian nationals are required to specify if they have minor children, whether these children live with the applicant or not. In these cases, the applicable law requires express consent of the other parent (so called “Atto di Assenso”). If you have children with different fathers/mothers, a consent should be submitted for each minor child. A consent is valid for six months from the date it is signed.

If one of the parents is deceased, a copy of the death certificate should be submitted.


I am a tourist without a valid passport (lost or stolen) and I urgently need to go back to Italy. How can I do this?

The Consulate General can issue an Emergency Travel Document (ETD). The ETD will be valid for 5 days from the date of issue and can only be used to travel back to Italy or the country where the applicant is resident and formally registered with A.I.R.E. Emergency Travel Documents can be requested by sending an email to:


I am registered to the Los Angeles AIRE, can I renew my passport in Italy?

Yes, Italian citizens residing abroad can request the issuance/renewal of their passports in any Questura/Commissariato in Italy. In this case the authorities receiving the application will need to obtain from the Consulate that has jurisdiction for the individual based on residency, authorization which could entail a turnaround time of maximum of 2-3 day.


Which Italian travel documents are recognized for entry in foreign countries around the world?

Please refer to the website for all relevant details.


Can I apply for my passport in any Consulate?

Citizens should submit passport applications to the Consulate that has jurisdiction on their place of residency, whether in Italy or abroad. The jurisdiction of the Consulate General in Los Angeles is: Southern California (Counties of S. Luis Obispo, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial Valley, Orange), Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico.


I booked a flight and I just noticed that my passport has expired or is about to expire. What can I do?

Having booked a flight for a vacation or having bought a trip does not constitute an emergency and cannot be used as such to request an emergency passport.

In the case of a proven emergency (health or work related), the Italian citizen, resident in the consular jurisdiction of Los Angeles need to contact this office at:


Can I use my married name?

Your married last name can be added on page 4 of the Italian passport only if the marriage has been registered in our Consulate.