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Initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance #prideandprejudice



Initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance #prideandprejudice

Italy is often described, particularly in the international community, by negative parameters: public debt, scarce competitiveness, and a nominal budget deficit (which, in the past, led to the European Commission’s opening of an excessive deficit procedure). However, alongside these data, there are some economic indicators that are more suitable for representing Italy as what it is: one of the main countries of the developed world, the second-ranking European country for manufacturing, and the third largest economy in the Euro Area. Italy is country that has been, in the last 20 years, capable of keeping its accounts under control and of ranking as one the best performing countries in Europe and in the world. This presentation provides some economic data about Italy that are not known or not well enough known, and that are designed to
eliminate bias and to adequately represent a country that has actively contributed to the creation of the European Union.

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