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The Consul General pays visit to Master  Shi Yan Fan (October 30, 2013)



The Consul General pays visit to Master  Shi Yan Fan (October 30, 2013)

The Consul General visited today the Shaolin Temple in Los Angeles, where he was greeted by Master Shi Yan Fan, Brindisi-native Franco Testini, the first Westerner to become an ordained Shaolin monk. The Consul General’s visit was celebrated with a tea ceremony and a presentation of the Shaolin martial arts by young members.  

The Songshan Shaolin Temple was originally founded in 495 AD during the Wei Dynasty in China. In 450 AD martial arts were introduced as a form of physical exercise, known today as the Shaolin martial arts. Master Shi Yan Fan is a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk. Training in martial arts since he was 7, Master Shi Yan Fan entered the gates of the Chi Ri temple in South Korea at the age of 21 to take his vows to become a monk. Arriving in Los Angeles shortly after the Northridge earthquake, Master Shi Yan Fan helped to the best of his ability the people affected. Over time, people took interest in the Shaolin practice and slowly more and more followers pitched in to establish the Shaolin Temple in Los Angeles.


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