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Joe Mantegna Award of Excellence in LA (May 3, 2013)



Joe Mantegna Award of Excellence in LA (May 3, 2013)

On May 3rd actor Joe Mantegna was awarded the Puglia’s Italy award of Excellence in America at the Italian Cultural Institute by Consul General Perrone. The event was organized by the Italian Cultural Institute together with the association Puglia Center of America, whose mission is to promote the Italian region of Puglia in all its aspects, especially with regards to cultural, touristic and educational exchanges with the United States of America.

Joseph Anthony "Joe" Mantegna, was awarded for his career accomplishments and his attachment to his parents’ native region of Puglia. Actor, producer, writer, director, and voice actor, Joe Mantegna is best known for his roles in box office hits such as Three Amigos, The Godfather Part III, Forget Paris, and Up Close & Personal. He is currently starring on the TV series Criminal Minds. During the award ceremony. In his acceptance speech, Mantegna talked about his growing up in an Italian American household (“I don’t know what it’s like not to be an Italian-American”) and his fascinating experiences travelling to Puglia to visit his extended family. He concluded his remarks expressing pride for his Italian background within a very diverse family that embodies the American melting-pot.

The award ceremony was followed by an artistic performance given by tenor Luciano Lamonarca (who is also the President of Puglia Center of America), accompanied by pianist Kiyomi Kato.

Watch the video of the key moments of the evening.

Joe Mantegna