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Registering Divorce Abroad


Registering Divorce Abroad

Vital Records Department

Please note that it is not necessary to make an appointment for birth/marriage/divorce/death registration, simply send all the required documentation via FedEx or USPS to the attention of the Vital Records department at 1900 Avenue of the Stars, suite 1250; Los Angeles, CA 90067


1) Form 1 must be completed and submitted with the application; 

2) Entire certified copy of Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage;

3) "Certificate of fact" also called "Certificate of the Clerk" or "Certificate of Non-Appeal"from the Superior Court that issued the Final Divorce Sentence (one must go to the Court of Appeal, the higher court, to get this document), with apostille and translation into italian in order to establish that no appeal or reopening of the case has been filed during the six months after the final divorce (see attached example):

4) "APOSTILLE" issued by the "Secretary of State" (See: Secretaries of State within the jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles) of the state where the divorce took place to be applied on documents specified on nos. 1 and 2 of this list (click here);

5) Translation in Italian of all pages of the documents specified in points 2 and 3;

6) Documents  2 and 3 must be presented in a set of certified copy;

7) Proof of being in possession of the Italian citizenship at the date of the dissolution of marriage;


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