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Registering Marriage Abroad


Registering Marriage Abroad



The Vital Records Department will receive public by appointment only. For Appointments CLICK HERE

Please note that for same sex marriages you must follow the instructions on the page dedicated to Civil Unions of our website here.

To register a heterosexual marriage abroad in Italy you will require the following:

1 - Application form to register in Italy marriage abroad duly filled out;

2 - Certified copy of Long Form of Certificate of Matrimony translated into Italian;

3 - Certified copy of Long Form of License of Matrimony if marriage took place in Nevada or New Mexico;

4 - "APOSTILLE" issued by the "Secretary of State" (See Link for address) of the state where the marriage took place if the document has been issued on our jurisdiction (apostilles MUST be issued for both points 2 and 3 - If in Nevada or New Mexico);

5 - a) If the request is mailed in, please include a certificate of Italian citizenship issued by the Comune in Italy;

     b) If the request is presented in person to this Consulate General, it is necessary to produce a valid Italian passport.

6 - A copy of the foreign spouses birth certificate (translation and Apostille not necessary)

Please note that if you are in Italy you refer to your Comune for instructions and possible registrations directly with the Comune.

For marriages in Nevada Please note the following examples: Certificate of matrimony (Long form Acceptable); Certificate of matrimony (NOT acceptable); Apostille; Marriage License