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Passport for Minors


Passport for Minors

Passaport Department
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1250
Los Angeles, CA 90067

To be able to obtain a new Italian passport, the minor applicant will need to:

1. be Italian Citizens with birth certificate registered in our consulate (see vital records);

2. be registered into our AIRE (registry for Italian living abroad) and reside in our consular jurisdiction of South California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada;

3. have booked an appointment online through our PRENOT@MI booking system

Passport requests for MINORS UNDER 12 YEARS OLD will be processed by mail (see address at the top of the page) and do not require an appointment.

Applicants older than 12 years old must apply in person with the parents.

Documentation to provide:

1. Passport application form ;

2. 2 passport size pictures;

3. Previous Italian passport, unless it’s the first passport;

4. USA Visa or Green Card (photocopy), if applicable;

5. USA passport (photocpy), if applicable;

6. Both Parents passports (photocopy);

7. Consent of the other parent, if you have children younger than 18. The parental consent is ALWAYS necessary even if the applicant is one of the parents and not the minor. The consent cannot be older than 6 months. Please also provide a photocopy of the minor’s birth certificates.

  1. If other parent is a citizen of Italy or of the European Union: the consent form signed by the other parent must include a photocopy of his/her Italian or E.U. passport (page with passport holder’s information AND signature).
  2. If other parent is NOT a citizen of Italy of the European Union: the signature on the consent form must be authenticated either by a notary public, OR by an Honorary Consul, OR by a Consular Officer on the day of the appointment.
  3. If other parent is deceased: provide a photocopy of the death certificate of the deceased parent.

8. Passport Fee, ONLY money order (or cashier’s check) made out to “Consulate General of Italy” Please refer to the Consular fees labeled "RILASCIO ART. 27 (A + B)"

9. Pre-paid and self-addressed envelope: in person pick-ups are not allowed. On the day of the appointment the applicant will have to bring a pre-paid, self-addressed USPS Priority envelope (no FedEx no UPS) and fill out this mailing consent form.

The passport will be valid 3 years for kids younger than 3 years old; it will be valid 5 years for kids between 3 and 18 years old.