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Emergency Travel Document (ETD)


Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

Passaport Department
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1250
Los Angeles, CA 90067

To schedule an appointment please write to:

If you are in an emergency situation (i.e. you are a tourist that should leave immediately and your passport has been stolen or you have lost it), the Consulate General can issue an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) valid only to go back to Italy or to the Country of permanent residence (with verification of current AIRE registration).

  • The request for an ETD must be submitted to the Italian Consulate/Embassy from whose jurisdiction the return flight departs.
  • If the return flight departs from another Consular jurisdiction, the request for the ETD (including the Police Report of lost/stolen passport within this jurisdiction) must be submitted to the Consulate/Embassy from whose jurisdiction the return flight departs.
  • Because the E.T.D. is only valid for a limited time, the application for an E.T.D. should be submitted only within 7 days of the departure.

The following documentation must be presented in person at the Consulate by appointment only that can be requested via email

1. ETD application form;

2. Photocopy of lost/stolen Italian passport PLUS photocopy of E.S.T.A;

3. Valid picture ID;

4. 2 passport size pictures;

5. Lost/Stolen passport report from the local Police authority;

6. Consular lost/stolen declaration;

7. Printed copy of return flight itinerary;

8. $ 2 for consular fees.