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Citizenship by Marriage / Civil Union


Citizenship by Marriage / Civil Union

Citizenship Office
Address: 1900 Avenue of the Stars Suite 1250; Los Angeles, CA 90067

For general information, for citizenship by marriage/civil union or the reacquisition of Italian citizenship, please refer to 

We inform you that according to the law no. 132, since December 4rth 2018, in order to apply for Italian citizenship by marriage, the applicant must possess an adequate knowledge of the Italian language, certified by the following institutions, belonging to the CLIQ system (Certificazione Lingua Italiana di Qualità):

· Siena University for foreigners;
· Perugia University for foreigners;
· University of Roma Tre;
· Dante Alighieri Society.

The level of the knowledge of the Italian language has to be not less than B1.

It is possible to receive the necessary CISL language certification from the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles (for details click here).  In addition in the US, the Italian Cultural Institutes of San Francisco and Chicago will also offer this certification.

Applications submitted and received after December 4th, will be refused if not completed with this additional language certification (Click here for Italian text)

Women that married Italian citizens before April 27,1983 can apply directly for citizenship through theis office. Please contact

Women and men  that married Italian citizens on and after April 27, 1983 may apply for Italian citizenship after 2 years of marriage if they reside in Italy and after 3 years of marriage if they reside abroad. Such terms are halved in case of offspring from the marriage. After the application is submitted, the Ministry of Interior may take up to 4 years to issue a decree either granting citizenship or denying it.

If legal separation, divorce or death of the Italian spouse take place before the issuing of the Decree (by the Italian Ministry of Interior) conferring the Italian citizenship, applicants lose their right to acquire Italian citizenship.

Two basic requirements must be met prior to submitting the application:

  1. The marriage must have been already registered at the Comune in Italy (please review the Vital Records page for information)
  2. The Italian spouse must be registered at the Consulate as an Italian Citizen Residing Abroad (please review the AIRE page for information)

Applicants interested in italian citizenship by marriage must submit their applications online here: 




Before Submitting the application on line and uploaded the documents with the new system the applicants must schedule an appointment, sending an e-mail to the citizenship office (, to submit the documentation and pay the fee legalizations. You must come with your husband/wife.

The office will check that all of the documentation you plan to submit are correct (certificate attesting italian language level B1, birth certificate, criminal background check documents, the payment of the 250 Euro, green card, and marriage certificate issued by the Comune that you registered your marriage in Italy) and legalize the birth certificate and the criminal background check (consular fee Art. 72A).

Please note that for women, the marriage certificate issued by the Comune must report the exact same name as appears on the birth certificate (first, middle, last maiden name). As for the criminal background check women must submit one using their maiden name and one with their married name. 


1. The applicant will have to register at: 

2. After the login, the applicant will find a “citizenship” section containing the following subtitles:

· gestione della domanda

· visualizza stato della domanda

· primo accesso alla domanda

· comunicazioni

“visualizza stato della domanda” and “primo accesso alla domanda” allow the applicant to check the status of his/her request).

“gestione della domanda”: the applicant will have the possibility to submit his/her application by completing the form: "modello AE".

3. The applicant must complete the form in its entirety and upload the requested documentation listed:

a. Birth certificate

b. Marriage certificate issued by the Municipality in Italy

c. Background checks

d. Receipt of payment of the 250 Euro fee

e. Valid identification (passport)

f. B1 certificate 

The applicant may save, modify, cancel or submit the completed application.



After reviewing the submitted application the Consulate may:

· accept the request

· request additional documentation or request that documents be amended

· reject the application



Once the application is accepted, the applicant will received a communication for an appointment to submit to this Consulate all of the original documentation and to make the necessary payments (Art. 24 on the Consular Fee chart on the right hand side of this page)

The day of the appointment you must submit ORIGINAL and ONE PHOTOCOPY of each document.

1) Valid Passport and Driver's License or State ID issued by California, Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico;

2) "Estratto per riassunto del matrimonio” issued by the Comune in Italy;

3) Proof of Residency: utility bill (photocopy of water, gas, electricity or landline bill);

4) Original Birth Certificate ( Apostille and translation in Italian, original);

4.1) Applicants born in USA: long form legalized with Apostille

4.2) Applicants born in a country other than the USA: must comply with the local regulations on the legalization of documents, the certificate must be translated into Italian and the translation must be certified by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in the Country where the document was issued. For further information, visit Italian consular network.

5) Receipt of of payment of € 250,00 fee (photocopy): 
Piazzale del Viminale, 00184 – ROMA –ITALIA)
IBAN CODE : IT54D0760103200000000809020
Eurogiro: PIBPITRA
Reference: Name & Last Name (Maiden Name for women) of applicant “Istanza di cittadinanza per matrimonio”

6) Criminal Records/History from the FBI (validity 6 months) with Apostille and translation in Italian (original);

7) Criminal Records/History (validity 6 months) with Apostille and translation in Italian (original);

7.1) From US State of Birth;

7.2) or from Country of ORIGIN (if it is not USA);

7.3) Every State and Country of residence from the age of 14 (the certificates issued by other countries must be translated into Italian and the translation must be certified by the Italian Consulate/Embassy in the Country where the document was issued. For further information, visit Italian consular network). Please note that this is for any Country and any State of the USA, including that State of current residency;

7.4) Every country of citizenship

8) B1 linguistic certification


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