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Repatriation of Human Remains and Cremains


Repatriation of Human Remains and Cremains


To obtain the authorization to ship human remains and/or cremains into Italy, the Funeral Home must submit the following documents to the Italian Consulate. Please take into consideration that the approximate processing time is ten (10) working days from the day the proper documentation is received:

1a. Two (2) certified copies of the death certificate each one completed with “Apostille” (the “Apostillle” is a legal document issued by the Office of the Secretary of State of the State where the death occurred, to be attached to the death certificate. Contact the Secretary of State for information concerning procedures and costs).
1b. In addition the death certificate MUST be translated into Italian by one of the translators you can find on our website. (see list of translatorss)
PLEASE NOTE: Both original death certificates with Apostille will NOT be returned to the Funeral home or family. We suggest that you request the local airlines what documents are needed to be presented to them for the shipment of the remains/cremains out of the US. (This has nothing to do with the authroization to enter Italy and therfore should be asked directly to the local authorities and Airline.)

2a. In the case of Ashes a certified cremation certificates in accordance with the procedures of the state where you operate (notarized, possibly on your own form, they must bear your certificate of Authority Number and the cremation number)
2b. In case of full body repatriations a certified statement tha tthe Embalmers (include the license number) have embalmed and disinfected and embalmed the remains in accordance to local Board Standards (notarized, possibly on your own form).

3. Only for shipment of full bodies: one (1) notarized Affidavit from the County Health Department stating that:
a) “at the time of death of Mr/Mrs ….. there were no epidemic diseases within the County”;
b) “the remains were embalmed in accordance to the laws of the State in which the Mortuary operates”;
c) “the deceased did not die of any contagious disease”.

4. Information sheet (enclosure) completely filled out. Please write the name of the Cemetery in Italy, including the town and the province where it is located. The port of entry into Italy must be specified.

5. Deceased Passport if in course of validity or a certified copy of a foreign passport (only for Italian citizens the original is required if available).

6. Letter from the family of the deceased (either residing here or in Italy) stating that the “Funeral Home (complete name and address of the Funeral Home) has been chosen to conduct all the procedures related to the shipment of the body/ashes into Italy, including all responsibilities involving the construction and the closure of the shipping box and the affixing of the Mortuary Passport and the Consular Tag (issued by the Consulate General of Italy) on the same box.

7. Money Order in the amount of $ (please contact the Consulate to receive the updated Consular fee. you may email the assistance office at

8. Disposition/Transit permit issued by local Authorities

9. The death certificate must also be registered in the City Hall in which the deceased is either registered or born in and therefore the following form must also be completed: Registration of Death Certificate.


1) The funeral Home presents to the Consulate the documents listed  above. Please do not present any documents to this Consulate General's Office if a Funeral Home has not been already contacted in Italy for receiving the remains/cremains.
2) The Consulate will request from the proper Italian Authorities the authorization to allow the remains/cremains to enter Italian National Territory for burial ( being it is not totally in our hands we cannot forsee the turn around time for the Comune to issue mentioned authorization.
3) Once the above authorization is granted, the Consulate will issue the death Passport in the name of the deceased, together with a paper tag to be put on the shipping crate by the Funeral Home.