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Our Services


Our Services

Consular Services for Italian citizens abroad. Citizen’s rights.

Consulates provide tutelage to all Italian citizens (permanent or temporary residents) in case of violation of their fundamental rights and of deprivation of their personal freedom.

They also offer assistance in emergencies, searching for family members, last will and testaments unsealed abroad, repatriation of needy or deceased persons.

Italian citizens may request assistance with the following:

Issuance and renewal of passport
Travel documents to repatriate
Acts concerning last will and testaments
Authentication of signatures, legalizations and information on translations
Custom papers in case of repatriation
Pensions and Social Security
Subsidies for needy persons
Loan with promise of restitution (Essentially in case of necessity to return to Italy without sufficient time to obtain swift transfer of personal funds)
Assistance in specific emergency situations
Information concerning translations, legal matters and medic care
Renewal of Italian drivers’ license.
All affidavits can be submitted without Consular fees, on normal paper, without authentification of the signature. All requests may be submitted by mail, if accompanied with a photocopy of a valid ID.

Italians, as citizens of the European Union, have the right to circulate freely within the territory of the Union and to be treated equally in respect to jobs, education, social security and taxation. They also have the right to partecipate in local elections and those of the European Parliament. Every citizen of the European Union, in case of emergency, can be assisted by any Consulate or Embassy of any other country in the Union, in the absence of a representation of his own country.

The Consulate cannot:
Issue or renew a "carta di identità"
Use, for private purposes, consular funds
Allow use of telephone for private purposes
Make travel or hotel reservations
Exchange money
Provide interpreters
Citizen’s duties

Citizens resident abroad have the duty to register with AIRE (Association of Italians resident abroad).

Fees (See Consular Fees)

All services are provided according to the principles of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency.

A book is available to the public for the purpose of writing down any remarks, complaints, notes or suggestions concerning the manner in which the services were rendered or you can directly write to us.