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Option to vote in Italy (deadline: 8 January 2018)


Option to vote in Italy (deadline: 8 January 2018)

Italian citizens who do not want to vote by mail can decide to vote in Italy in their Municipality by giving written notice of their choice (OPTION) to the Consulate General no later than January 8. In order to be valid, this notice must be written on unstamped paper and include: the name, surname, date, place of birth, place of residence and signature of the voter. To give this notice you can also use the applicable form available at the Consulate General or downloadable HERE. Also, the declaration can be sent via e-mail or using the postal system along with a copy of the identity document of the declarant. As provided by law, voters will be responsible for ensuring that notification of the option sent by post was received in enough time by the Consulate General.

The choice to vote in Italy may be subsequently WITHDRAWN by written notification sent or delivered to the Consulate General using the same procedures and within the same timeframes for exercise of the option (January 8).

If you choose to return to Italy to vote, the law does NOT provide for any type of reimbursement for the costs of travel incurred, but only for certain subsidies in the Italian territory.