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Consular Services


Consular Services

The task of our diplomatic-consular mission is to protect the interests of, and provide services to, Italians when not on Italian soil. The services must be offered on the basis of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency, for the purpose of protecting Italian citizens and promoting respect for human rights and freedoms.

Services include assistance, for example, in cases of death, accident, serious illness, arrest or detention, acts of violence, assistance during serious crises (natural disasters, civil disorder, armed conflict, etc.) and the issuance of emergency travel documents in case of loss or theft.

For General Information - (Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 3 pm) Tel. (310) 820-0622.


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Citizenship by Descent

Citizenship by Marriage


A partire dal 25 maggio 2018 trova piena applicazione il nuovo Regolamento europeo sulla Protezione dei dati personali n.679/2016, noto anche come GDPR.

I soggetti che trattano dati personali, titolari e responsabili, sono tenuti ad informare preliminarmente gli utenti sui trattamenti previsti, nel rispetto dei principi di liceità, correttezza e trasparenza. Per garantire ancora più trasparenza nel trattamento dei dati personali dell’utenza del Consolato Generale si informa che sono state aggiornate le Informative alla Privacy relative ai seguenti settori di attività: rilascio di visti, pratiche di cittadinanza, restanti servizi consolari.


For security reasons, visitors are not allowed to bring any bags, backpacks, suitcases, cases bigger than 30x30x15 cm (11.8x11.8x5.9 inches) or any other item that are not relevant to your business with us (eg: food containers).

Lighters, tools of any size (including Swiss army knives) and weapons of any kind are prohibited. Mobile phones must be switched off.

Please note that no storing facilities are available. Therefore, if you carry prohibited items, you will not be allowed to access the Consulate and may need to reschedule your appointment.

All visitors are subject to airport-type screening and all items are subject to inspection.

We appreciate your cooperation in making your visit to the Consulate as smooth as possible.

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